Return to Paradise is the theme of this season’s collection. I was inspired by my recent Holiday to the Riviera Maya and a walk I had taken with my family on the beach. We found so many wonderful seashells of the most incredible shades of coral, sand and mother of pearl.

These beautiful souvenirs have graced the corner of my desk, reminding me everyday of the sunlight on my face and the warmth I felt being surrounded by the ones I love.

It is that feeling I wish to share with brides wearing my collection.

Rita Vinieris

Rivini - Amahlia-front
Rivini - Amahlia-back
Rivini - Amalfi-front
Rivini - Amalfi-back
Rivini - Avina-front
Rivini - Avina-back
Rivini - Azzure-front
Rivini - Azzure-back
Rivini - Bahia-front
Rivini - Bahia-back
Rivini - Brittan-front
Rivini - Brittan-back
Rivini - Capri-front
Rivini - Capri-back
Rivini - Cayman-front
Rivini - Cayman-back
Rivini - Curacao-front
Rivini - Curacao-back
Rivini - Evia-front
Rivini - Evia-back
Rivini - Lanai-front
Rivini - Lanai-back
Rivini - Martinique-front
Rivini - Martinique-back
Rivini - Nice-front
Rivini - Nice-back
Rivini - Paradisio-front
Rivini - Paradisio-back
Rivini - Sabbia-front
Rivini - Sabbia-back
Rivini - Salinas-front
Rivini - Salinas-back
Rivini - Savoia-front
Rivini - Savoia-back
Rivini - Tropez-front
Rivini - Tropez-back
Rivini - Venice-front
Rivini - Venice-back
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