Ice Hotel

Photo courtesy of Rivini

“For Fall 2013 I wanted to explore the juxtaposition of translucent layers of laces, organzas, tulles and chiffons. This photo of the Ice Hotel in Sweden and how the light is reflecting in the room served as my muse. My palette is composed of a variety of shades of light you find in the early morning- Aurora, Dawn and Daybreak. My beading and embellishments are meant to look like delicate ice crystals that have formed organically. I wanted everything in this collection to feel like a snowflake on the ice ...fragile and unique”

Rita Vinieris

Rivini - Biancaneve-front
Rivini - Biancaneve-back
Rivini - Brina-front
Rivini - Brina-back
Rivini - Celine-front
Rivini - Celine-back
Rivini - Crystal-front
Rivini - Crystal-back
Rivini - Delicata-front
Rivini - Delicata-back
Rivini - Diamande-front
Rivini - Diamande-back
Rivini - Dolce-front
Rivini - Dolce-back
Rivini - Etrine-front
Rivini - Etrine-back
Rivini - Glacia-front
Rivini - Glacia-back
Rivini - Listra-front
Rivini - Listra-back
Rivini - Lumina-front
Rivini - Lumina-back
Rivini - Mariage-front
Rivini - Mariage-back
Rivini - Natalya-front
Rivini - Natalya-back
Rivini - Nieve-front
Rivini - Nieve-back
Rivini - Nova-front
Rivini - Nova-back
Rivini - Opal-front
Rivini - Opal-back
Rivini - Passione-front
Rivini - Passione-back
Rivini - Principessa-front
Rivini - Principessa-back
Rivini - Sania-front
Rivini - Sania-back
Rivini - Snow Drop-front
Rivini - Snow Drop-back
Rivini - Wysteria-front
Rivini - Wysteria-back
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