A State of Grace

“I fell in love…without giving a thought to anything else.” – Grace Kelly

“Inspired by the elegant style of the iconic Grace Kelly. Luxurious fabrications with delicate Chantilly laces, soft diaphanous tulles, airy organza’s and subtle dupioni exemplify the silhouette. Delicate floating layers with soft lace textures envelop the collection. Elegant build up necklines, gentle hand draping and sweeping pleated ball gowns make dramatic statements. Simple refined details of crystal waistlines, tailored bows with soft hues of plum accent the gowns.

This season a modern fairy tale princess is brought to life in ‘A State of Grace.’”

Rita Vinieris

Alyne - Alannah-front
Alyne - Alannah-back
Alyne - Azura-front
Alyne - Azura-back
Alyne - Blanche-front
Alyne - Blanche-back
Alyne - Cassina-front
Alyne - Cassina-back
Alyne - Corsica-front
Alyne - Corsica-back
Alyne - Kellyann-front
Alyne - Kellyann-back
Alyne - Layla-front
Alyne - Layla-back
Alyne - Lilly-front
Alyne - Lilly-back
Alyne - Lucia-front
Alyne - Lucia-back
Alyne - Margot-front
Alyne - Margot-back
Alyne - Marina-front
Alyne - Marina-back
Alyne - Marissa-front
Alyne - Marissa-back
Alyne - Martina-front
Alyne - Martina-back
Alyne - Monaco-front
Alyne - Monaco-back
Alyne - Monaco-front
Alyne - Monaco-back
Alyne - Monaco-front
Alyne - Monaco-back
Alyne - Patricia-front
Alyne - Patricia-back
Alyne - Roses-front
Alyne - Roses-back
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