Ode to Audrey

“If I get married, I want to be very married” – Audrey Hepburn

“Inspired by the timeless style of the iconic Audrey Hepburn. Luxurious fabrications with corded Chantilly laces, matte satins, soft tulles, airy organzas and gazars exemplify the silhouette. Delicate floating layers of soft textures, fancy geometric tulles and point d’esprit envelop the collection. Elegant build up necklines, floating tiered skirts and sweeping pleated ball gowns make dramatic statements. Fresh city girl chic details of encrusted crystals and pearls, organic double bows with hints of chic black satin simplicity adorn the gowns. Modernized detailing and a fresh conception of a fashion style icon are brought to life in ‘Ode to Audrey.’”

Rita Vinieris

Alyne - Andrea-front
Alyne - Andrea-back
Alyne - Anne-front
Alyne - Anne-back
Alyne - Caroline-front
Alyne - Caroline-back
Alyne - Cecil-front
Alyne - Cecil-back
Alyne - Celia-front
Alyne - Celia-back
Alyne - Elena-front
Alyne - Elena-back
Alyne - Eliza-front
Alyne - Eliza-back
Alyne - Ella-front
Alyne - Ella-back
Alyne - Eva-front
Alyne - Eva-back
Alyne - Gabby-front
Alyne - Gabby-back
Alyne - Marie-front
Alyne - Marie-back
Alyne - Mel-front
Alyne - Mel-back
Alyne - Nikcole-front
Alyne - Nikcole-back
Alyne - Nora-front
Alyne - Nora-back
Alyne - Rachel-front
Alyne - Rachel-back
Alyne - Sonia-front
Alyne - Sonia-back
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