Rita Vinieris, Creative Director of the established and sought after Rivini™, introduces a whole new style experience, Alyne... a new bridal collection that celebrates simple luxury and pure design while making gorgeous gowns more accessible. Sophisticated ease, effortless glamour and simple silouettes in rich fabrics are energized by refreshing design details for a strong fashion statement.
Alyne - Adrienne
Alyne - Anabel
Alyne - Anastassia
Alyne - Arlene
Alyne - Bridgette
Alyne - Catherine
Alyne - Cynthia
Alyne - Dillian
Alyne - Drew
Alyne - Evelyn-Bolero
Alyne - Evelyn
Alyne - Felecity
Alyne - Hazel
Alyne - Johanna
Alyne - Joslyn
Alyne - Jules
Alyne - Karen
Alyne - Kate-Balero
Alyne - Kathleen
Alyne - Kaylee
Alyne - Lorelle
Alyne - Lydia
Alyne - Mercedes
Alyne - Natasha
Alyne - Paris
Alyne - Reese
Alyne - Samantha
Alyne - Stephanie
Alyne - Tabitha
Alyne - Vera
Alyne - Willow
Alyne - Yvette
Alyne - Zoe
Ashton Station Bridal 
17A Albert Street, Carleton Place, Ontario K7C 1P3 T:613.240.7616
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